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How do I permanently activate Ochsner Full-Text links in PubMed?

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With a My NCBI account, you can set a PubMed filter to display Ochsner Full-Text link icons for all Ochsner-subscribed content. Here's how:

- in the “Filters” box in the “My NCBI” account page, click “Manage Filters >>”
- make sure that you are setting filters specifically for PubMed (that’s the default)
- under “Browse/Search for PubMed Filters,” select “LinkOut”
- in the search box, type: loprovocflib
- click “Search” (or press Enter)
- check the "Filter" and “Link Icon” boxes to activate the search filter and link icons for Ochsner

The confirmation “’Ochsner Health System’ provider icon activated” should display under “Your PubMed filter list” for a few seconds. Due to this filter, you will always see the Ochsner Full-Text icon when we have subscribed access to a given article in PubMed--as long as you use PubMed while signed in to your my NCBI account. The Ochsner icon will appear in addition to other link icons that PubMed already provides to all users (such as links to free full text in PubMed Central and other full text sources, both free and paywalled).

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